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Today we have the maturity of the baby boomers. Hospitals are discharging faster and admitting less. Nursing homes are acting as recovery units for hospitals and taking only clients with require higher levels of care. These changes have widened the market, for all heathcare business that can fill the gaps created by these changes.

MODA Systems has been providing Policies and Procedures in the state of Maryland for years. We provide these for Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Service Agencies (Home Health) and Adult day care. Policies and Procedures are invaluable to any business, but are especially important in healthcare. They are required for licensing in most cases, but more important is they provide guidence to keep the business in compliance with state and federal regulations. They are a resource that supplys the process and steps you must take when bad things happen. They are clear instructions when emergencies occur. They can be piece of mind if followed, that you are doing the right thing in the operation of your business.

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